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While you were sleeping…

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Good morning!

Before you turned on your phone this morning, the NSA no longer had the right to tap it. John Kerry woke up in a Swiss hospital after breaking his leg. A New York state man was dead after being tasered by a Rochester cop.

Kimyerevealed they’reexpecting a baby, while George Clooney admitted said he was planning to make some.

A phone spy law expired

The Senate allowed parts of the Patriot Act put in place under Bush to expire at at midnight last night. It means that the government doesn’t have the right to collect phone calls and other data in a search for terrorists. The Senate is expected to pass legislation to curb this sort of spying later this week.

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A New York man was fatally tasered

A man who drove his red pick up truck into a car and a church in north-west New York state died after police used a stun gun on him. The unfortunate cop who had tried to “An officer on scene decided to use a less-than-lethal option and he used his Taser to stop the suspect,” Ciminelli said.

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Cyclist John Kerry left hospital

Our sporty 71-year-old Secretary of State John Kerry likes to do monster cycle rides between meetings. Yesterday he broke his leg when he hit a curb doing part of the Tour de France, and spent the night in a Swiss hospital. He’s canceled this week’s meetings – and bike rides – in Paris and Madrid and heads home today.

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Kimye prepared for Kimye kid mark 2

Great news:Kim Kardashian can now stop her nauseating chat about how exhausted she is bybaby-making with Kanye West, because she’s actually pregnant. The announced their intimate news via a plug for the latest episode of her reality TV show.

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George Clooney said hewanted kids

The newly-married heartthrob finally revealed that he and Amal Alamuddin do want to havekids. It comes after he caused a stir by suggestingthat having a family was not a huge priority for him and his hugely successful lawyer wife.

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