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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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As you surfaced from bed, scandal-hit FIFA boss Blatter was a notable absentee at FIFA appointments. Nebraska abolished the death penalty, while the army sent potentially deadly live anthrax by mistake.

ISIS showed compromise by revealing pictures of ancient Palmyra intact, though it did say it would smash the statues.India’s PM showed more flexibility – he plans to bend into yoga moves at the first International Day of Yoga.

Sepp Blatter’s job was on the line

As two decades of FIFA corruption are unravelled and revealed, its president Sepp Blatter failed to turn up to his appointments as he faced calls to resign ahead of his potential re-election on Friday. Russian President Putin was one of the few to criticize U.S. corruption charges, saying it was an example of American meddling.

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Nebraska canned the death penalty

Lawmakers vetoed Republican governor’s plans to keep the death penalty. It’s the 19th state to ban the death penalty and the first Republican-majority state to abolish it for 40 years.

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The army sent live anthrax

Civilians and military personnel were exposed to potentially deadly live anthrax when it was sent to nine bases in the U.S. and one in South Korea. Someone failed to deactivate the bacteria before it was sent out for scientific use.

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ISIS showed Palmyra pics

Everyone freaked out when ISIS took control of the ancient city of Palmyra with its irreplaceable historic ruins, but they’ve now released photos that show its columns and structures intact. It’s not all good news, they say they’ll still destroy statues and worse still, they yesterday slaughtered 20 in its ancient amphitheatre.

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India’s PM promised yoga poses

India’s roads might be melting in a deadly heatwave but at least they have a bendy prime minister. Yoga enthusiast Narenda Modi wants to promote yoga worldwide and has promised to throw some shapes at the first ever International Day of Yoga in June.

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