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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…

Good morning.

Before you rolled out of bed, relatives gathered to remember the Germanwings crash dead. Obama was given the green light for the world’s largest trade deal,

A Chinese journalist was jailed for sharing sensitive documents, while Pakistan extremists shot a woman for being American.

A cargo worker was banned for causing an emergency landing, while a navy ship with banned cargo was landed.

Obama got the go-ahead for a trade pact

Congress passed legislation that will allow President Obama to wrap up on a Pacific trade deal, which will be the largest of its kind. It’s a pact that divides lawmakers, and for once Republicans are on Obama’s side as the pact is good news for big business.

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China jailed a journalist

A prominent journalist was given a seven-year sentence for leaking documents. Her trial, which the U.S. condemned as it shows the Communist party is not so wild about freedom of speech, which we rate quite highly.

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Pakistan militants shot an American woman

The American vice principal of a dental college in the city of Karachi was shot in the face in a drive-by as she drove home from work. The militants on motorbikes threw a bunch of Islamic extremist pamphlets in her car.

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The baggage hold snoozer was banned

The cargo worker who caused a dramatic emergency landing after waking up from a nap and finding himself sealed in the hold of a plane that had taken off, has been banned.

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Drugs sailed into San Diego

Scarface, eat your heart out. A U.S. Coast Guard ship carrying a whopping 14 tons of cocaine, worth more than $424 million and seized in less than three months, arrived at a port in San Diego. And that’s just half of the haul that’s been recovered overall in the eastern Pacific Ocean in the last six months – more than the amount seized in 2014.

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