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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning.

Before you woke up, Boston prepared to honor its dead.

The U.S. military prepared to try to identify Pearl Harbor “unknown.”John Kerry was confident of an Iran deal despite Congress’ compromise. Hillary asked why should truckers pay more than bankers, and campaigners asked why no women on dollar bills.?

Boston prepared bombing commemorations

The city will remember those who died two years ago in the marathon bombing with low-key celebrations including a ceremony and a moment of silence.

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Hillary tackled unfair taxes

There’s something wrong with a system that makes nurses and truckers pay higher tax rates than hedge-fund managers. Let’s fix it, said the presidential candidate.

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Kerry said Congress would comply on Iran

Kerry said Obama will be able to get Congress Republicans to agree on an Iran deal. Meanwhile, Iran’s president said that all sanctions would have to be dropped before a final plan.

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Pearl Harbor ‘unknown’ were to be identified

The remains of 388 sailors and Marines who were killed in the Japanese attack on the Hawaiian port in World War II will be sent for DNA testing. Those who are identified will be sent home for a burial with full military honors.

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Dollars needed dames

Campaigners have come up with a shortlist of women whose faces should be printed on the $20 bill. Women do most of the country’s spending, but the money in their purses only features men.

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