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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning,

Before you rolled out of bed, Hillary Clinton counted presidential announcement retweets, while her logo provoked debate.

A Germanwings plane was evacuated while France’s far-right party was relieved of its founder.

Hillary scored a social media hit

While you decided whether or not you were ‘ready for Hillary’, marketing types were rating the kick-off of her digital announcement, and gave it an A for effort.

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Her H logo was dissected

Before even getting their teeth into commenting on Hillary Clinton’s healthcare views or latest hairdo, the voices from the peanut gallery started laying into her campaign logo. Go-getting logo or FedEx rip-off? The jury is out.

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Drama dogged France’s far-right dynasty

Jean-Marie Le Pen, who founded the country’s anti-immigration National Front stepped down as a candidate after saying that Nazi gas chambers were a war ‘detail’. The comments exacerbated a feud with his daughter and party leader, Marine, who’s trying to distance herself from her racist dad.

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Germanwings evacuated a plane

Passengers and crew had to vacate a plane at Cologne/Bonn airport last night after a bomb scare. The Milan-bound flight was taxiing for take-off when the pilot was advised to abort. Not a great night for nervous flyers, one suspects.

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