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While you were sleeping…

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After you turned off the TV last night, Freddie Gray van reports emerged as did a body in a Baltimore van. Nepal’s quake death toll topped 6,200.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather said he’d grown up, while NFL pick Jameis Winston was selected despite scandals.

Tesla showed us the future of home energy.

Baltimore offered mixed Freddie Gray reports

Police brutality or self-inflicted injury? Conflicting reports on how Freddie Gray died are emerging as the city investigates and works out whether to charge the cops involved.

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Nepal needed aid

About $2 billion, according to the U.N. The country will need the cash to rebuild hospitals, schools, historic buildings and more than 600,000 homes that were destroyed in the quake.

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Mayweather faced his highly-paid labor day

Mayday? Not for Money Mayweather – his Saturday fight could earn him up to about $180 million. Meanwhile the father of four, who has faced assault claims in the past, says he wants to be a good role model these days.

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Winston was the NFL pick winner

Misdemeanors including ongoing sex allegations don’t seem to have harmed the career of Jamies Winston, the first player to be picked in the NFL Draft. He celebrated being selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a plate of crab claws. It’s become a running joke after he was caught shoplifting a bag of claws from a grocery store.

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Tesla showed the future

Elon Musk is now not just selling electric cars, he’s got revolutionary batteries that could allow you to live off-grid. He has just revealed a new battery that allows people and businesses to store up solar and wind energy.

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