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While you were sleeping…

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As you brushed up on your Dothraki for the new season of “Game of Thrones” on Sunday, Hillary Clinton prepared her bid. Cuba and U.S. hit a milestone with historic talks, while the White House opened restrooms and made a milestone for LGBT rights.

Obama told off China for snatching reefs, while police found a stolen Washington state vacation home.

Hillary planned her bid

According to insiders, the Democrat presidential favorite will announce her bid on Sunday. She plans to kick off her campaign by Twitter. Don’t expect anything from her Gmail account.

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Obama chastised China

The huge Asian nation has staked claims on a few reefs in the South China Sea, and are already setting up ports and landing strips. They’re spots that Vietnam and Philippines also had their heart set on. Obama said, “Stop elbowing the little guys out of the way. China said, “Butt out” America.

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US and Cuba had a chat

For the last 50 years the two nations have had a pretty frosty relationship, so it’s hot news that their foreign ministers met. The U.S. is expected to remove the Caribbean island off the terrorist list soon.

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White House opened a gender-neutral john

Obama really flipped the bird to the anti-LGBT brigade this week. First, backing a ban for ludicrous gay ‘conversion therapies’ and now the White House symbolically opened its first gender-neutral washroom.

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A missing vacation home was found

Washington police found a family’s log cabin about five miles from where it was stolen off a rudimentary foundation. It was shifted on a flatbed truck by some folk who planned to live in it.

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