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Whitney Cummings on pot, Boston men and necrophilia


Whitney Cummings doesn’t know how exactly she became a headlining advocate of the marijuana movement, but true to form the bold stand-up doesn’t shy from the tough questions. As part of the Cannabis Comedy Tour, Cummings is playing a free show Thursday at the Wilbur, sponsored by Leafly — an emerging company that is seeking to become the primary information resource on all things pot.

We spoke with Cummings to pick her brain on weed matters and her experiences in Boston.

Joints, blunts, vapes, glass, or hollowed-out pieces of fruit — what’s your preferred smoking apparatus?

You know what’s very weird is that I don’t smoke that much weed. I smoke weed out of a bowl. Like an adult. I’m not going to bring an innocent piece of fruit into it.

A lot of the annoying people in my life thankfully smoke weed, and it makes them less annoying, so I’m very grateful for the effect weed has on all the people around me, who I could never tolerate otherwise.

A lot of your comedy material comes out of the boudoir — do you have any thoughts on weed, sex and the combination thereof?

Yeah, weed and sex, to me, just equals, like… what’s it when you have sex with dead people? Not narcolepsy…


Yeah! If you have sex with me when [I’m smoking] you’re a necrophiliac, because I just pass out. Like, I’m not a fun, sexy weed smoker. I just stop yelling. I’m just even more useless in bed when I’m stoned.

It’s political season, and systemic sexism is a part of many discussions. Do you see gender politics playing a big role in many of your Hollywood and standup dealings?

I talk about it a lot. I have to be honest, I exploit it a lot, so if there was no sexism I would really have nothing to talk about. I’m using it to my advantage — making fun of idiots pays my bills, so I’m grateful for racist, sexists idiots, on some level.

Any favorite stories from previous visits to Boston?

I dated a guy from Boston for like 4 years, and I remember we would break up every time the Red Sox lost. So we were always breaking up.

The first time I slept over his house, I cutely grabbed a t-shirt from his drawer. I was like “I’m going to wear one of his T-shirts to bed, it’ll be so sexy and cute.” And as soon as I put it on he started screaming at me [to take it off].It was like an old tattered shirt that said “Nomar” on it. It was his lucky shirt, and he could only wear it during games, and I just learned how superstitious lots of Boston fans are.

If you go:

The Leafly Comedy Tour with Whitney Cummings
Sept. 22 at 8 p.m.
The Wilbur
246 Tremont St, Boston
Free, 21+, RSVP at do617.com/leaflycomedytour

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