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Who died in the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ series finale?

Prashant Gupta, FX

​​ FX’s biker drama/Hamlet reenactment/lesson on staying out of trouble aired its final episode, and in true “Sons of Anarchy” fashion, killed off some people. Curious about who made it and who didn’t? We’ve got you covered.

First, the big one: Series hero Jax Teller doesn’t make it. The show toyed with the possibility of him surviving, but you knew this was coming, right? You’ve read “Hamlet”? We hate to spoil a very old play for you, but Hamlet doesn’t make it. Entertainment Weekly even did a poll asking their readers if they thought Jax would survive, and 72 percent said no. Sorry, Jax . But he does sort of get to choose the way he goes, leaving Chibs in charge, finding a home for his boys and going out by crashing his bike into a truck driven by Michael Chiklis while pursued by the cops. Rough day on the job for Michael Chiklis . What’s next, Charlie Hunnam ? We know you changed your mind about “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but we hope you find an excuse to use that British accent again sometime soon.

But before he goes, he takes out Marks, in an effort to clean things up for SAMCRO before he goes, as well as Rourke and two of his men (Jax technically didn’t kill the henchmen, but let’s not argue semantics). Also not making it through is Barosky, also killed by Jax, and by that point, if you didn’t know Jax was a goner, you were a true optimist.

Honorable death mention goes to Gemma, who technically checked out in the prior episode, but whose demise drove a lot of the action here.

Did you watch the finale?Are you happy (well, maybe satisfied is a better word) with the way showrunner Kurt Sutter ended things? Hoping Katey Sagal finds something new to do?

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