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Who got kicked off ‘Dancing with the Stars’ last night? Hope Solo!

She was down to a Hope and a prayer, but now this athlete is flying Solo: The U.S. womens soccer goalie couldn’t save her chances of making the DWTS finals.

Now that we’ve gotten all our wordplay out of the way it’s time for the headline: Yes, it’s true, Hope Solo was kicked (sorry) off “Dancing with the Stars” last night, losing in the semifinals after her paso doble and Argentine tango failed to entrance viewers.

There’s an old expression used by Tyra Banks in nearly every episode “America’s Next Top Model,” when another waifish beauty is about to be eliminated: “Standing in front of me, I see a girl with all the talent in the world, but who has no way of making us feel it.” That, we think, will be the epitaph of Hope’s run on this season of “Dancing with the Stars.” With her athlete’s strength and coordination, she could perform the steps as well as anyone, but with the exception of the paso doble last night, Hope had a hard time getting at the emotion under each song. (Her Argentine tango aimed at “sexy” but wound up at “tumbling.”) It’s not her fault — athletes aim for grace only incidentally — but it’s the reason she won’t be moving onto the finals next week.

Here’s Hope’s fiery paso doble:

And here’s her acrobatic Argentine tango. Which did you prefer?

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