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Who got kicked off ‘Dancing With The Stars’ last night? Mike Catherwood!

There are a few celebrity demographics on “Dancing With The Stars” that have it rougher than the generically handsome man whom no one really knows. Sure, the elderly ex-TV star and the disgraced politician definitely have some handicaps, but at least they’ve got name recognition. When you’re a tan, brown-haired, muscly man with a name like Evan or Dylan, it’s hard to make an impression—particularly if, as many of them are, you are not actually that good at dancing.

So of course, it was not very much of a surprise when Mike Catherwood (who?) was the first person kicked off of season 12 of “Dancing With The Stars.” The L.A. radio host did improve measurably over last week’s performance, but he suffered from a common problem on “DWTS”: Prop-dancing, in which a contestant basically stands around while their partner uses them as an accessory.

Take a look:

Last night’s episode also included performances by Chris Brown, but we’re not going to give that joker any more publicity. See you next week!

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