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Who is Chevel Shepherd? Everything to know about The Voice winner

On Tuesday, the winner of The Voice 2018 was revealed to be the 16-year-old Chevel Shepherd.

The Voice has a new champ: 16-year-old Chevel Shepherd has become famous for her classic country voice and yodeling talents.

Shepherd’s win became the second victory in a row for coach Kelly Clarkson.

The other three finalists were Kennedy Holmes from Team Jennifer and Kirk Jay and Chris Koeze from Team Chris.

Besides performances by the contestants, the final also featured performances by Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Dierks Bentley, Halsey, Marshmello and Bastille and Panic! At The Disco.

To celebrate Chevel Shepherd, the winner of The Voice, we’ve rounded up some facts you probably don’t know about her.

Five things to know about The Voice winner Chevel Shepherd

1. She’s been singing her whole life

The Voice 2018

Chevel is one of the youngest contestants on The Voice 2018, but she still has years of experience.

She followed in her mother and sister’s footsteps and started singing when she was only two years old, according to her website bio.

She picked up every singing opportunity she could get and did a few radio gigs as a child. She even created her own CD all by herself with songs that she had recorded on her computer when she was 10.

2. She’s a small-town girl

Born in La Plata, a small town in New Mexico, Shepherd was raised on the countryside and is currently a Junior at Farmington High School.

She explains in her website that she loves doing crafts, feeding the animals, and fixing cars with her dad. Throughout The Voice season, she’s often been speaking about how close she is with her parents, grandparents, and siblings and how much she loves her hometown.

To honor her hometown, she recently hosted a meet & greet at her town’s local Chick-fil-A.

3. She auditioned for The Voice before

Shepherd has always loved watching The Voice and has actually auditioned one time before for season 13 in Las Vegas, according to Parade. Unfortunately, the teams were already full at that time so she didn’t have a chance to make a blind audition.

But ahead of this season, she was given a second chance when the producers contacted her and offered her the chance to perform during the blind auditions.

“I think they called me back because of my unique style,” she told Parade.

4. She can yodel

Shepherd has become well known for her unique talent of yodeling.

On The Voice, she explained that she learned how to yodel when she was 11 after her mother showed her a video. She soon fell in love with yodeling and has practiced it ever since.

“I am an old soul,” she told Parade.

“I love the sound of older country music. I just love to be able to do something different that no one’s doing now because it’s all modern country and old country’s dying as well as yodeling, so I’d like to bring it back,” she added.

5. She’s only 4’10” tall, but has a big voice

During the contest, fellow finalist Kirk have been joking around with her about her height which he said is only 3’7” but as an answer to his jokes, she revealed on Instagram that she’s actually around 4’10”.

“I have to say this is one of my faves!” she said of the photo. “I also look really tall which I’m totally not.”

Shepherd has proved that her height doesn’t really matter and the winner has become famous for her big voice, as she’s been covering country legends like Loretta Lynn and LeAnn flawlessly.

What do the Winners of The Voice really get? Winning The Voice 2018, Shepherd now has $100,000 more dollars at her bank account and a record deal for the victory.

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