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Who is Mayim Bialik, aka Amy from The Big Bang Theory, engaged to?

who is mayim bialik engaged to

Last night, you probably watched as Mayim Bialik walked down the aisle and said her vows — except she did it as beloved Big Bang Theory character Amy Farrah Fowler. But is the actress, who recently opened up about her battle with depression, hearing wedding bells of her own? And if so, who is Mayim Bialik engaged to?

If you’re not so familiar with the actress when she’s not on the small screen pretending to be half of shipped couple Shamy, you might not know what she was previously married. Mayim Bialik’s ex-husband, to whom she was married from 2003 to 2012, is Michael Stone. The couple has two sons, 12-year-old Miles and nine-year-old Frederick.

who is mayim bialik engaged to ex husband

So it wasn’t just another episode that aired last night. The season 11 finale of The Big Bang Theory had some rough patches for the actress, especially when it came to trying on potential wedding dresses for the episode. In a vlog, she shared that filming the episode sparked fears that everyone, including her mother, would ask her if she could picture herself getting married again. “Ultimately — and this is hard — I wonder if people will feel pity for me,” she conceded. “Because I tried to be married once, I was in that position, and… I failed.”

But who is Mayim Bialik engaged to?

Who is Mayim Bialik engaged to? Currently, no one. It seems people were talking about it based either on confusing her Big Bang Theory character’s life with her own or unsubstantiated gossip articles from less-than-reputable sites online that claimed she was spotted shopping for rings.

who is mayim bialik engaged to big bang theory

It seems like similar rumors circulated in 2015, when Twitter users posted their excitement over Mayim Bialik engagement rumors that claimed the actress and a member of The Maccabeats, an American Orthodox Jewish all-male a cappella group based out of New York City, were getting serious.

Considering how open the Big Bang Theory and Blossom actress has been in her vlog about her fears, hopes and big life moments, it’ll probably be Mayim herself who breaks news of a real engagement, if and when it does happen, to the world. If that happens, you can rest assured that Metro will update you on the happy news.


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