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Who is more popular: Donald Trump or United Airlines?

The popularity of President Trump and United Airlines is nearly even, according to a new poll.
The popularity of President Trump and United Airlines is nearly even, according to a new poll. (Reuters)

If you’re wondering who would win a popularity contest between Donald Trump and United Airlines, you’re in luck. According to a new poll, respondents chose the embattled carrier over the president.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 648 registered voters across the country this week. While PPP is, for the sake of full disclosure, a Democratic polling firm, 40 percent of respondents identified as Democrat, 34 percent as Republican and 26 percent as independent/other.

Among its 50 questions, PPP asked, “Which do you have a higher opinion of: United Airlines or Donald Trump?”

While respondents were nearly evenly split, 42 percent chose the airline while 40 percent went with Trump. The remaining 18 percent were “not sure.”

United Airlines came under worldwide fire last week after it forcibly removed a passenger from an overbooked flight. When no one volunteered to leave the flight, the man was randomly selected, but refused to deplane. He was subsequently dragged by his hands and on his back from the cabin by security officers, and the incident was captured on video by other passengers and posted on social media.

The controversy came just weeks after United banned three young female passengers from boarding because they were wearing leggings. The passengers were using the airline’s special Pass tickets, which are reserved for employees or friends and family, and are subject to strict dress codes. 

Thirty-five percent of PPP’s survey-takers named Southwest the best airline, while Delta came in second at 20 percent. Twenty-six percent chose “something else.”

In other notable questions from the PPP survey:

• 54 percent said they’d vote for former Vice President Joe Biden if he ran in 2020, while 40 percent would pick Trump.

• Respondents were evenly split at 42 percent when asked to choose between Trump and Democratic New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and at 43 percent between Trump and Democratic Minnesota Sen. Al Franken.

• If former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders ran again, 50 percent would vote for him over Trump, who garnered 41 percent.

• Elizabeth Warren nabbed 46 percent if voters had to choose between the Massachusetts senator over Trump, who received 41 percent.

• Forty-five percent think Trump’s ties to Russia and the country’s alleged meddling in the 2016 election is not “fake news,” while 35 percent do think it is. 

And we’ll end on World War III:

• Forty percent of poll-takers do not think Trump will involve the U.S. in WWII, while 30 percent do. The remaining 21 percent are “not sure.”

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