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Who is selfie kid? Mass. teen explains viral Super Bowl moment

Selfie Kid Super Bowl Justin Timberlake

The Patriots might have come up short against the Eagles at this year’s Super Bowl, but New England was able to give the world a new Internet star thanks to selfie kid at Justin Timberlake’s halftime show.

Ryan, a 13-year-old from Scituate, became a viral social media sensation after he snagged an impromptu photo with the singer during Sunday’s musical performance. #SelfieKid is now the web’s new favorite meme, joining the ranks of  Katy Perry’s “left shark.” 

“Good Morning America” got a chance to chat with Ryan on Monday to get his take on his rise to Internet stardom.

“It was crazy,” he told “GMA” host Michael Strahan. “I didn’t even know. All the media just rushed me and it was crazy.”

Ryan revealed on the morning show that the photo opportunity with Timberlake came together out of sheer luck, as he just happened to be sitting in a special section of the stadium that ended up becoming a part of the halftime performance. As for why he was on his phone during all the action, Ryan explained that he was trying to take a video of the spectacle when the singer walked by him.

“I had a video going and my phone shut off,” Ryan told “GMA.” “That’s why I was on my phone. And I love him because he’s my favorite singer, and I had to get the selfie with him.”

The Massachusetts native has received a huge response on social media in the wake of his viral Super Bowl moment, including thousands of new followers.

“Immediately right after, my phone just exploded,” Ryan said. “Last night, I got 8,000 more followers on Snapchat and Instagram, and everything’s just exploding.”

Although his Patriots didn’t take home another championship, Ryan absolutely loved his trip to Minneapolis for the big game.

“It was definitely a great opportunity,” he said. “This was insane. This was crazy that I got to meet him and get a picture with him because he’s awesome.”

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