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Who was smoking weed in the Cavs locker room? LeBron, JR Smith?

Who, Was, Smoking, Weed, LeBron

The Cleveland Cavaliers locker room reportedly reeked of weed after Game 2 of the 2017 NBA Finals. The Undefeated’s Mike Wise tweeted the following Sunday night in Oakland, California: “Cavs locker room has a strong reefer aroma to it tonight. Hey, it’s Cali. You’re down 2-0 and it’s all about pain control. To be clear, I don’t know who was imbibing marijuana in the Cavs locker room – media that entered, player, etc. But it wasn’t a dead skunk.”

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst also said that the Cavs’ locker room smelled like pot.

So, the obviously question is: who was smoking the ganja?

The obvious choice is J.R. Smith, who has been suspended by the NBA before for lighting up a bit too much. In February of 2013, Smith also engaged in a direct message with a high school senior that was leaked. His question to the student was: “You trying to get the pipe?”

LeBron James did not show up for the postgame press conference after Game 2 because he was “frustrated with at how the press conference schedule has been run.” Or, he was smoking the weed.

LeBron has admitted before to smoking weed in high school and his wife, Savannah Brinson, appeared to be smoking a joint during the World Series last year. 


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