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Who will be the Last One Standing?

It is all dance, all fun, and hip to kids, David Zinck says.

“They are really excited about it,” said the organizer of Last One Standing, a breakdance competition taking place this Wednesday as part of Eastern Front’s SuperNova Festival.

This is the second year the theatre festival is holding a breakdance competition as part of its schedule, and so far nearly 20 competitors — including some from out of province — have signed up.

“It ran smoothly last year,” said Zinck, who added that he was struck by the make-up of the audience during the first annual event. Instead of the teenagers he expected, Alderney Theatre was filled with kids between the ages of eight and 11, and their parents.

“It really was a kid’s production. It had a great attendance. In fact, it had one of the better attendances last year. It was remarkable. We were expecting the hip hop crowd, and what we got was the family crowd.”

He said that at the end of last year’s event, all these little kids ran out of the audience and attempted to breakdance. “There were some kids, who couldn’t have been more than five or six, who were fantastically good.”

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