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Why did Vontae Davis quit during game? Player releases statement, Twitter reacts

Why did Vontae Davis quit?
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Why did Vontae Davis retire in the middle of the game?

In a move that shocked the NFL, former Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis decided to hang up his cleats and all it quits when he retired from the NFL during halftime of Sunday’s against the Los Angeles Chargers.  After he announced his retirement, he didn’t bother returning to the field to play the second half.

Davis, 30, is a two-time Pro Bowl cornerback and has played in in the NFL for 10 seasons before making the surprise decision to retire abruptly from the league.

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott confirmed Davis had left the game.

“Pulled himself out of the game,” McDermott said to reporters. “He communicated to us that he was done.”

Vontae Davis quits NFL. Why did he retire?

Why did Vontae Davis retire from NFL?

While some players may retire from sports for health concerns, there was no sign or mention of any health issue with the star cornerback. In a statement released to the NFL, Davis apologized for his abrupt departure and said he didn’t mean to disrespect his teammates.

While there was no clue that a health issue forced his retirement, his full statement reveals that he no longer wants to continue sacrificing his mind and body each week playing in the NFL and said he would rather walk away from the game now while he’s healthy and be able enjoy his family. In his statement, he simply said, “I shouldn’t be out there anymore.”

Vontae Davis full statement to NFL

Vontae Davis quits, Twitter reacts

Following his jaw-dropping announcement, some people took to Twitter to applaud Davis for being honest with himself and deciding to walk away from, while others reacted with criticism and memes.

Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander told reporters he didn’t have much to say about the Vontae Davis incident but did mention that he was going to show him more than he did to the rest of the team.

The Twitter account Old Player Tweets unearthed a tweet by Vontae Davis from 2013. “The people who succeed in life are those who don’t quit. ”

Vontae Davis contract: What happens next? 

Davis reportedly signed a one-year contract in February with the Bills for around $4 million after previously playing with the Miami Dolphins and the Indianapolis Colts. USA Today reports that the Bills have already paid Davis for most of his contract through bonuses and other guaranteed payments, but the team will be able to recoup most of it.

Former sports agent Joel Corry explains how the Bills can recoup most of the contract money. If you’re wondering what happened to Sunday’s game, the Bills lost to the Rams 31-20 and are now 0-2 to start the season. If other players on the team share the same sentiments as Alexander, they will probably use this incident as inspiration to get them through the season. 

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