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Why does everyone hate Nick Cannon? Knicks fans boo Mr. Mariah Carey

It’s hard being Nick Cannon. Not because he’s rich, married to the often-off-balance Mariah Carey or because he hosts so many TV shows. No, it’s because apparently everyone hates him.

Latest example: Cannon was at Madison Square Garden last week for the Nets-Knicks game to film a segment for “America’s Got Talent.” It did not go well.

Cannon grabbed the mic at halftime to introduce himself to the crowd and was booed mercilessly. Like, worse than you’ve ever heard for an opposing basketball player at the Garden. Worse than LeBron James was booed when he visited after spurning the Knicks for the Heat. Worse than Reggie Miller was ever booed during his annual dissection of the Knicks in the 1990s.

We’re not entirely sure why. No, he’s not particularly talented, but “Drumline” was kinda cool.

When the producer explains the shot, the crowd’s booing momentarily subsides, but it returns in full force once Cannon takes the mic back.

He even excoriates the crowd, “I know, I know. Booo. Get it out of your system now.”

Guess what, they didn’t get it out of their system. When he comes back out to film a second take, the boos are even louder than before.

Three minutes of pure hate. Welcome to New York, Nick.

Follow Metro New York Sports Editor Mark Osborne on Twitter @MetroNYSports. At least Howard Stern didn’t appear to be booing him from his sideline seats.

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