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Why Mayweather – Pacquiao fight is fixed in favor of Manny

Manny Pacquiao has everything but the odds in his favor.
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I truly want Mayweather – Pacquiao to be on the up-and-up. Boxing is the most pure sport of them all, when it’s done the right way. It’s man versus man. No sticks. No balls. No weapons. No wrestling. Just fists. And will.

Yes it’s barbaric, but that’s why it’s beautiful.

Sadly, big-time boxing in the United States today is more corrupt than this country’s political system – and that’s saying something. It used to be the top sport in this country just 75 years ago. But greed ruined it.

So now, nearly 20 years after our last mega-fight (Tyson – Holyfield), we’re supposed to believe that the people who run and are in this sport are suddenly going to trot out an event that’s squeaky clean? Not buying.

Here are three big reasons why it may be beneficial, for many, to see Pacquiao win on Saturday night:

The rematch

Everyone is saying that these guys should have met five years ago. While true for the fan, there was a method to the madness for Mayweather. Mayweather knew that a bigger payday would come the more times the calendar turned. He milked “Manny – Mayweather I” for all its worth. He also knows that if he wins on Saturday night, no one will care about a rematch. If Pacquiao were to win, there would be many prospective PPV buyers interested in seeing how “Money” responded after his first loss. Mayweather knows this. He’s no dummy.

Stranger than (Pulp) fiction

“In the fifth, my ass goes down”Butch Coolidge to Marsellus Wallace

Without even mentioning Justin Bieber, Mayweather has a ton of shady folks in his life. What’s stopping him from taking a dive in Vegas?

He can control what round he wants to fall. Contrary to popular belief, he can’t control what round he wants to KO Manny.

Never forget, boxing is the perfect sport to fix. Only one competitor has to “be in on it.”

Boxing’s resurrection

The sport of boxing desperately needs a storyline like good guy Pacquiao beating undefeated all-time heel Mayweather. It’s great for business. If Pacquiao wins, there’s a small chance the sport’s popularity will get some (any) life for the first time this century. If Mayweather demolishes the only man who people ever thought had a chance against him, what good does that do boxing?

This sport needs a Tyson/Douglas or even a Foreman/Moorer moment in the worst way.

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