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Why Netflix is so important for modern audiences

Despite, or maybe because of, their huge success we’re still at a point where most of Hollywood and its huge studios haven’t accepted Netflix.

Disney even went as far as to purchase 20th Century Fox. This was seen as an attempt to battle the streaming giants as they then withdrew their content from Netflix. The disdain extends further than that, though, as whenever the Netflix logo appears before a film at a festival there is an audible hush or even some booing, while, back in May, the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival banned films of its ilk from competing for the prestigious Palme d’Or.

Yet, Netflix still has millions upon millions of subscribers, and writers, directors, and actors continue to flock to the site. In 2018 alone 80 original films will be released on Netflix, while there are 19 original television shows arriving during this time, too.

These aren’t just from burgeoning talents, though. “The Eddy” is an American musical drama created by “La La Land’s” Academy Award winning director Damien Chazelle, while the Oscar nominated Jonah Hill (“Moneyball”) is teaming up with Best Actress winner Emma Stone (“La La Land”) for “Maniac,” the Coen Brothers are overseeing the Western anthology series “The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs,” and “Disenchantment” is another animated sitcom from the mind of “The Simpson’s” Matt Groening.

As much as the cinematic establishment doesn’t like it, Netflix is now a dominant force in the movie business.

Over the last few weeks and months I had the opportunity to talk to some actors and writers that have collaborated with the streaming site.

This included Garrett Hedlund for the Academy Award nominated drama “Mudbound,” Steve Lightfoot for “The Punisher,” and Domhnall Gleeson and Martin Mull for “A Futile And Stupid Gesture,” each of which are now available to view on Netflix.

Unsurprisingly, they defended Netflix, and also explained why the site is so important for a modern audience. You can read their exact thoughts by clicking through the gallery above.


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