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Why Scandinavians never seem to age

Stop aging and get your youth back with help from a Scandinavian anti-aging Queen. Stop aging and get your youth back with help from a Scandinavian anti-aging Queen.

Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdóttir is 54 years young, as she likes to put it. And there’s no doubt that the Icelandic-Danish nutritionist looks young and beautiful – the pictures speak for themselves. Since Hafsteinsdóttir credits her youthful look to her diet, we couldn’t resist asking her exactly what she eats. Here, she shares her best tips for looking and feeling young from her bestselling book ’10 years younger in 10 weeks’.

It’s never too late to change your eating habits. Hafsteinsdóttir hasn’t been on top of her health her whole life. “My breakfast until my 30s was Cocoa Puffs,” she says. “Of course that affected my body and my mind very seriously. I was always tired and bloated.” At one point her body was actually 20 years older than her actual age. That’s when she decided to cut sugar from her life.

Focus on how different foods make you feel. AsHafsteinsdóttir started to gain more knowledge about how food affects our bodies, she found out that sugar wasn’t the only thing she needed to cut from her diet. “Grains, bread and gluten affects your body the same way as sugar,” she says. But what are the bad things about sugar, gluten and so on? The list is long: fatigue, sagging skin, wrinkles, high blood pressure, headache, bloated stomach and our favorite – drama queen behavior.

Eat up the good stuff. Hafsteinsdóttir has a long list of anti-aging foods, which include, broccoli, quinoa, real butter, watermelon, turmeric, coconut oil, organic chicken and many more. “Make sure to put some of these things on your next shopping list, but don’t go out buying everything at once,”Hafsteinsdóttir advices.

Antioxidants reverse the wear and tear of everyday life. We’re exposed to free radicals everyday through smoke, pollution, chemicals in skin products and many other places. “Free radicals will steal your years,”Hafsteinsdóttir says. So her best advice is to eat antioxidants which you’ll find in cranberries, goji berries, pomegranates, sweet potatoes, fish, spinach, tomatoes and parsley.

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