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Why suffer potential high blood pressure alone?

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Rating: Two glasses of water, which you’ll need after eating all this salt
Client negotiations: Absolutely not
Lunch w/co-workers: A must to satisfy morbid curiosity
Social Lunch: See above
Quick solo lunch: It would be a grim commentary on your life if you did
Time in: 11:55 a.m.
Time out: 12:07 p.m.

Blame my editor. With the KFC Double Down finally hitting Canada, I too had to try this fatty breadless sensation.

Here are the facts: for $6.99 you get one Original Recipe Double Down that contains 540 calories, 32 grams of fat and 1,380 milligrams of sodium.

The layer of breading on the chicken was quite light. There’s also actual white chicken meat underneath that outer coating.

It’s good news because it’s pretty much all chicken. There’s little bacon to be found and the processed cheese tends to gob around the edges.

What you’ll actually taste is salt. I love salt, but each bite literally sent me reeling.

Having said all that, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. The KFC I went to was sold out before noon, so people are in fact eating it.

But would I eat it again? With the possibly salt-induced headache I have, no.

At least go with some friends so you can share the experience, not to mention the calories. Why suffer potential high blood pressure alone?

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