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Why was a military plane circling Manhattan?

any explanation??? @718bk tweeted.

Reports of a military plane circling Manhattan surfaced on the web Tuesday afternoon and kind of freaked some people out.

One person commented, “I am on the 60th floor of the Empire State Building and it has circled closer than anything I have seen.”

NYPD didn’t know why the plane was flying low, BuzzFeed reported, and the FAA reportedlysaid“we do not disclose the mission of what the plane is doing.”

ABC correspondent Aaron Katerskytweetedthat the fly over was part of a training exercise andThomas Gibbons-Neff, a staff writer at the Washington Post, tweeted, “Col. Broccoli, CO of the 106th Rescue Wing says the C130 circling Manhattan is doing ‘standard military training.'”

The FAA released a statement:

ABC7 reported that the Black Hawk helicopters seen at the same time were not related to the mysterious plane. Trump was reportedly walking out of Trump Tower and the Secret Service was keeping a careful eye in the sky.

In any case, one Twitter user offered this advice:

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