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Why was Justin Bieber crying after his VMAs performance?

The emotions! So many emotions!Justin Bieber performed at the MTV VMAs, and it says something about our collective attention span that it’s being hailed as a “comeback.” Did I miss the part where he went away? Anyway, he sang, he danced, he did some wire work and he broke down in tears. Wait, what?

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Bieber treated the crowd toa choreography-filled two-song medley of “Where Are U Now,” his summer hit with Diplo and Skrillex— or, as I like to call them, the D-bag Trifecta— followed by his latest, “What Do You Mean,” an ode to, from what I can gather, finding women complicated and consent tough to decipher. At the end of it all, the lights went down and Bieber’s attempt at a commencement address about life being a journey and finding your purpose rang out to cover as he was strapped into a harness for a few seconds of flying around above the crowd.

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But the really interested stuff started when he landed and the aforementioned waterworks started.

So why was the Biebs so overcome with emotion? I have a few theories:

He’s learned that despite all of his attempts at fitting in with them, skate punks have no interest in club-friendly pop music.

He realized the baseball cap could only distract people from his ridiculous new haircut for so long:

Hedidn’t get the memo from his dancers that they were wearing all white, not all black.

He just finally watched the series finale of “Friday Night Lights.” What? He’s been busy.

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The crushingenormity of the futility of existence finally revealed itself to him in the vast expanse of the Staples Center. Hey, it happens.

It was all an act to make him seem all humble and relatable? (Yeah, I’m going with that one.)

Or maybe someone just ate his favorite flavor of Fruit Roll-Up in the green room before the performance and he’s still not over it.

So why do you think he was crying? Let’s hear some more theories.

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