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Why was ‘Mozart In The Jungle’ canceled? Here’s what Gael Garcia Bernal told us

Gael Garcia Bernal in Mozart In The Jungle

TV viewers were left in despair earlier this year when it was announced that the critically acclaimed Amazon series “Mozart in the Jungle” had been canceled after four seasons. 

Gael Garcia Bernal starred as the conductor of the New York Symphony in the show, which was one of the first Amazon programs to win awards, claiming the 2016 Golden Globe for best comedy series, while Bernal also picked up the Best Actor gong at the ceremony, too. 

I recently had the chance to speak to Bernal about his latest movie “Museo,” during which time I asked him whether he knew why “Mozart In The Jungle” had been canceled. And it turns out that even he doesn’t know the reason. 

“I don’t know the reason why it was canceled. Whatever explanation there is I am not the one to give it, because I am the one that wants it to keep it going. It is Amazon that needs to answer to that.”

What we do know is that “Mozart In The Jungle” was dispensed with just a few weeks after Jennifer Salke was named as president of Amazon Studios in February. 

She replaced Roy Price in the position, who was sacked following allegations of sexual harassment. 

The common consensus is that Salke got rid of the show so that she could make her own impression on Amazon and the world of TV with programs that she has chosen to be made. 

Mozart In The Jungle was axed alongside various other popular shows on Amazon, which included “One Mississippi,” “I Love Dick,” “Jean-Claude Van Johnson,” “Sea Oak,” “Love More” and “The Climb.”

But while Bernal is still trying to work out why “Mozart In The Jungle” was canceled, he is able to look back on the show fondly, even if he does already miss it. 

“I miss a lot doing that show. I really loved the energy that we all put into it and the people that were there.”

“I learned so much about music. It was my escape for the year. I lived like a repertoire company. I miss it. But life moves on and things have to move on. So it is OK.”

Meanwhile make sure to check out Gael Garcia Bernal in “Museo,” which is released in New York on September 14, and will expand across the country shortly after. 

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