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Why we might be waiting a while for ‘Ride Along 3,’ according to its producer

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in Ride Along

Ride Along was the film that kick-started Kevin Hart’s ascent to mega stardom back in 2014.

While moviegoers had been impressed with his brief performances in “The Five-Year Engagement,” “Think Like A Man,” “This Is The End” and “Grudge Match,” as well as his numerous stand-up routines, the pairing of Hart with Ice Cube really brought the best out of both performers.

Since then Hart’s career has only gone from strength to strength, thanks to his work in “Get Hard,” “Central Intelligence,” “The Secret Life Of Pets” and the unbelievably successful “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.”

In the midst of these run of movies was “Ride Along 2,” which although not quite as successful as the original, still managed to make $124.5 million from just a $40 budget.

Hart’s increasing popularity means that another sequel is still on the cards, especially since Tim Story, who has directed both installments so far, previously teased the film back in October 2016.

I recently had the chance to talk to Will Packer, the producer on both “Ride Along” films, and I asked him for an update on the potential third film. Although Packer had some good news, as he confirmed that they are “currently working on the script” for Ride Along 3, he admitted that the biggest issue with getting the film made is the availability of Cube and Hart.

“Yeah, we are actually still working on the script for that,” Packer responded. “We haven’t locked in on the script just yet. And Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are both extremely busy, so we’ll see. I’ve got to find the time. I’ve got to sew both of those guys down in order to make that movie.”

While we wait for Hart and Cube to become available, make sure to check out Will Packer’s latest film “Breaking In,” which revolves around Gabrielle Union’s mother trying to, you guessed it, break into her late father’s high-tech home to save the lives of her children that have been kidnapped.