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Why were these celebs banned or suspended from Twitter?

On Wednesday night, Twitter suspended actress Rose McGowan’s account for allegedly violating the site’s policies, prohibiting her from tweeting, retweeting, or liking posts for 12 hours, and the internet was not having it. 

The timing was curious: McGowan had been vocal online all week about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations — tweeting about his misconduct towards her and countless other women in Hollywood and accusing Ben Affleck of feigning ignorance about Weinstein’s history of violating women. Celebs, including Jessica Chastain and Jamie Lee Curtis, were outraged that the platform would silence her, a victim speaking out about sexual abuse, yet stand by as our commander-in-chief threatens nuclear war and constantly denounces the media. 

On Thursday, Twitter issued a statement revealing that it had blocked McGowan because she had tweeted out a private phone number, which is, in fact, against Twitter policy. 

Which other celebs have been suspended or banned by Twitter, and why? Here is a list of six more famous folks who’ve been flagged by the little blue bird. 

Courtney Love

In 2009, the “Doll Parts” singer went on a Twitter rant against designer Dawn Simorangkir, calling her “a drug-pushing, thieving prostitute with a history of assault and battery.” Simorangkir responded by suing her in 2011. In the midst of the anti-defamation suit, Twitter suspended Love’s account, which was under @CourtneyLoveUK. It’s still suspended, but now she tweets @Courtney.    

Christopher Walken  

The “True Romance” actor certainly gives off an eccentric vibe, but in 2009, Twitter discovered that he wasn’t responsible for posting bizarro, beloved tweets to the account @Walken20. To the dismay of the account’s tens of thousands of followers, Twitter temporarily suspended it, because impersonation is against Twitter policy. Walken is still not online. 


Even Adele?!? OK, the “Rumor Has It” crooner wasn’t actually banned by the platform itself, but rather, her managers. She apparently had a bad habit of tweetin’ while boozin’ (don’t we all). Now, Adele is sober, and while she still writes her own tweets @Adele, they are approved and posted by her management.

Azealia Banks 

The ever-trolling singer had her account suspended after she tweeted racist and homophobic comments at “One Direction” heartthrob Zayn Malik (for shame!). Slay-Z is a notorious provocateur online and has also feuded with Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga, Pharrell, and the list goes on. Her account is still suspended, which is probably for the best.  

50 Cent

The “Candy Shop” rapper, real name, Curtis Jackson, had his TwitPic (an app that lets you post photos and video to Twitter) account suspended when he tweeted “Y’all like my Kim K burger?” alongside a crass photoshop with a hamburger in place of her behind. Real classy. In time, Jackson’s account was reactivated and he apologized and warned that his content was strictly for “motherf-ckers ages 18 and older.” 

Clint Eastwood 

Shortly after the 2016 election, the account @EastwoodUSA was suspended following a few pro-Trump tweets, namely, “Thank you America, I don’t have long left to live but now I know the last few years will be great, I can’t thank you enough #PresidentTrump.” Conservatives online were up-in-arms, alleging liberal bias, but it turns out Twitter flagged the account because it was fake. The”Gran Torino” director is 84 years old and, according to his daughter Morgan, has no idea how to use the platform. 

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