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Why women should move overseas for work

Relocating for work

Relocating for work is a fantasy for most people. That goes double if it means being transplanted by your job to some far off exotic land far away from whatever is being played out on the major talking-head news outlets. But while this may be the dream for most people, it does not always make the most financial sense for women who move abroad for work.

For many women, relocating for work outside of the U.S. means trading a higher income for improved overall happiness. A recent study by InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad, found that 51% of all women working abroad were happy with their career opportunities and 13% being “very happy” with their opportunities. On the flipside, they found that 33% of women working abroad felt as though they were giving up larger salaries in the U.S. in exchange for their new exotic surroundings.

Given that many nations abroad do not have the same conditions and beliefs as others, the number of women relocating solely for work overseas is significantly less than the number of men. InterNations found that only 7% of women said they were sent abroad by an employer, while the number of men was double that. As a result of not being forced to relocate, 47% of all women who were surveyed in this study said that they were able to find their own work once they had set up shop abroad. So what countries have women been the happiest with?


Relocating for Work? These the best countries to live in for working women

According to this study, the best countries for career women to relocate to are Mexico, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bahrain and New Zealand. These countries were all chosen due to having both the most career opportunities and also have the most positive feedback from the women who answered this study.

If your company gives you the option of relocating for work, make sure you keep an eye out where they are looking to send you. If it is one of those countries we mentioned earlier, pack your bags and gladly accept.


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