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‘Why yes, you can buy me a drink’

Sending a hottie a drink is an old stand-by among pickup artists. However, this move may be interpreted as cheesy rather than kitschy in certain irony-free zones. Thus, we can only recommend this maneuver in good faith to a gal who is buying for a guy. If you ignore this suggestion, then follow this rule: Offer to purchase an entire round if the hottie is among friends. If drinks are delivered to all members of a party, then it would be rude of said hottie to refuse them, never mind stupid during a recession.

If, on the other hand, someone tries to buy you a drink, and you’d rather tweeze your nose hairs than spend five minutes in conversation with the buyer, graciously decline the cocktail. That said, never assume that a drink means that something (time, digits) is owed. However, it’s downright douchey to accept a second drink as a gift and then refuse to engage in conversation. After the third free drink, if you’ve got zero romantic interest in the buyer, then you’re obliged to make your platonic intentions clear.

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