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Why you should apply to a job at … Chili’s?


Looking for an awesome place to work? Fortune magazine suggests that young people entering the job market look into … Chili’s Bar and Grill?

That’s right: the Tex-Mex (term used very loosely) restaurant chain is the 11th-best company for millennial workers, according to a new study by Fortune and employment-review website Great Place to Work.

The magazine sifted through 90,000 survey responses from people under the age of 35 to find what employers catered best to their needs. The survey asked questions about such things ascareer advancement, employee support, volunteer opportunities and career guidance services. Chili’s ranked so highly because it offers, among other perks (free baby back ribs?), college tuition reimbursement and the opportunity to earn credits.

The No. 1 place for millennialsto work, however? Power Home Remodeling.

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