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WICKED PISSAH: ‘Masshole’ added to the Oxford Dictionary

We Massholes have never received the proper credit we deserve. We shamelesslybang a U-ie to the Dunkies before the rotary, hoping that the statie didn’t see us. And we don’t even use our blinkah.

Outsiders chuckle when we ask where the bubbler or the barrel is. The rest of the country is baffled by the way we say “Worcester” or “Leominster” or “Billerica” or “Gloucester” or “Peabody.”

Some even eat clam chowder with tomato sauce.

But we finally made it to the big time. Be proud. Be wicked proud. Raise a glass from the packie or the pub.

The term “Masshole” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, which we all can agree is wicked pissah. They also added “hot mess” and “fo’ shizzle,” which is far less pissah.

They define Masshole as a noun meaning “contempt for a native or inhabitant of the state of Massachusetts.” What they fail to grasp is that this is a point of pride and they can go sit in gravy in the Irish Riviera.

The next time someone calls you “Masshole,” you can tell them it’s in the dictionary, and they’re a chowdaheadwho goes bowling with the bigger balls and drinks milkshakes. Whatever those are.

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