Widow says slain man was ‘an awesome guy’ - Metro US

Widow says slain man was ‘an awesome guy’

A small memorial leans against a cement wall next to an abandoned building on 100 Street and 107 A Avenue.

Kim Cardinal is at the scene where police say her ex-common-law husband, the father of her two-year-old son, was bludgeoned to death on Thursday night.

Cardinal said she spent a couple of hours with James Lee Catholique, their son, and Cardinal’s daughter, two weeks ago.

“He was always there, he would always cater to us,” she said, fighting back tears.

“He was a funny guy, an awesome guy. And then he’d get drunk and something in him would snap and then it wouldn’t be James anymore.”

Cardinal said, more help needs to be available for people suffering from addictions.

Meanwhile, police were on the scene asking the public for help in locating a woman driving an SUV on Thursday evening.

The woman stopped at the scene, but then drove away without calling 911.

“I can understand how people maybe assume that the other person has called 911 and that their information isn’t helpful or necessary,” said Det. Dale Johnson. “However, one can never underestimate what information they may have. Everyone sees something from a different perspective.”

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