‘Wild success does not happen by accident’ - Metro US

‘Wild success does not happen by accident’

“Real business is built on solid connections and what you put out there you get back tenfold.”

Sandra Yancey says that’s the secret to building a successful business and she has the experience to back it up. In the late 1990’s, she was struggling to get her consulting business going in Dallas, Texas. Yancey went to a networking meeting and was the only woman there.

“While they were kind and greeted me warmly I felt like I was relegated to the side. I wanted to be in the game.”

Yancey started her own network. Her first meeting was held in a hair salon and seventeen women showed up to see what it was all about. She threw herself into her new venture with a vengeance but within two years was on the brink of bankruptcy. Exhausted and looking for answers it was her mom who set her straight.

“She told me, ‘How do you know you’re not quitting five minutes before the miracle begins?’ The turning point for me was realizing I had to practice what I was preaching. The minute I started asking for help it all turned around.”

Today, Yancey is running a multi-million dollar business with 118 chapters across North America and close to 100 people on payroll.

“We’re attracting sharp, talented, driven business women that want to be supportive and to help lift you as you climb. Wild success does not happen by accident. It is the result of carefully thought out and well executed plans. You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Everyone who makes it has a great network around them and the people you need to help you with your dreams are a lot closer than you imagine.”

Sandra Yancey will be traveling across Canada in the months to come. Find your closest ewomenNetwork chapter and let the magic and miracle of this organization go to work for you.

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