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Will a solar eclipse end the Trump administration?

Solar Eclipse 2017 Trump Administration

This month’s rare eclipse of the sun, due on August 21, could bring down the Trump administration — at least, according to a leading astrologer.

The eclipse, the first of its kind in 40 years, is bad news for nearly every member of the Trump administration, says Stefanie Iris Weiss, an astrologer, author and member of the Saturn Sisters, a stargazing duo who have a column in ElleUK and the Martin & Lewis of astrology.

Weiss examined the natal charts of administration members, which gave her insights into their personalities, she claimed, and how hard they’ll fall. Some of her findings:

— The eclipse is happening during Leo season, which signifies the fall of kings. It’s happening at 28 degrees of Leo. Trump’s chart begins at 29 degrees of Leo. The eclipse is also happening just a few degrees from Mars, the sign of anger, aggression, rage, violence and power.

— Trump has mommy issues. “His Saturn conjunct with Venus translates to issues with women in general, being completely unable to separate what he believes to be attraction and hatred, or blaming them for everything that’s wrong—or if you want to get really deep, blaming them for why he doesn’t love himself,” says Weiss.

— Trump’s inner circle have chart commonalities that suggest they’re all going down together.

— Steve Bannon isn’t too far removed from his SNL caricature as the Grim Reaper. “He knows where the bodies are buried because he buried them,” she says. Additionally: “Saturn is f-cking up his shit. He’s so power-hungry right now, but it looks like it’s all going to come crashing down. This man’s stored up karma—that chicken is coming home to roost.”

— Vice President Mike Pence is “pure duplicity.” His sun being in Mercury and Gemini means “he’s a walking lie,” says Weiss. August will not be an easy month for him, but it’s unclear whether he’ll be passed over for president or will be inheriting more responsibility.

— Melania Trump is all about money — “I don’t see what else she cares about.”

— Jared Kushner’s Capricorn-heavy chart means “he wants to be in charge of everything” but Pluto and the Sun are working together to signal a major transformation and his old life will disappear.

— It looks like Kellyanne Conway is safe. “This is something she’ll get over and move onto something else,” says Weiss.

— Ivanka Trump doesn’t have a direct connection to the eclipse and may escape back to New York. “We don’t really know how she gets off, but she sort of nebulously slips away into a cloud of ether.”

— Adviser Stephen Miller “has a serial killer chart” and his mommy issues rival Trump’s. He’s being hit hard by the eclipse and the chickens will come home to roost. “I’m not seeing jail or death, but definitely, receiving some sort of sanction for things he’s done in the past,” says Weiss. She predicts he’ll leave politics next year.


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