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Will Captain America die in Avengers Infinity War?

Will Captain America Die in Avengers Infinity War

As Marvel’s latest superhero blockbuster gets ready to take over the world, the question on everyone’s mind is: Will Captain America die in Avengers Infinity War?

While nothing is ever really set in stone in a cinematic universe where giant green monsters and billionaires in robot suits fend off alien invaders, some fans are worried about the future of the Star-Spangled Avenger, and for good reason. Chris Evans has hinted that he may soon be done with the role, and it’d be extremely hard to do a switcheroo at this point — like when the studio had Mark Ruffalo step in for Edward Norton as the Hulk. 

Although we won’t know anything for sure until Infinity War flies into theaters in April, let’s take a look at all the rumors and hints to see if we can figure out what’s going to happen to Steve Rogers on the silver screen.

Will Captain America die in Avengers Infinity War?

Will Captain America Die in Avengers Infinity War Chris Evans

According to recent interviews with Evans, it sure sounds like he’s preparing to step away from Captain America. He told the New York Times earlier this month that he has no plans to take up the shield again after Avengers Infinity War or its upcoming sequel.

“You want to get off the train before they push you off,” Evans said.

The actor also commented on what he’ll miss about the character in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“[I’ll miss] everything [about Captain America],” Evans said. “I mean, it’s not just the character, it’s the people – the experience, such good movies, such wonderful memories. I’ll miss a lot.”

That definitely sounds like the future isn’t too bright for Steve Rogers, but it also doesn’t answer the question of will Captain American die in Avengers Infinity War? Should that happen, though, a Steve Rogers appearance in Avengers 4 could happen thanks to a flashback/time travel scenario, which would keep the death set in stone while still giving him one last ride on the big screen.

Another clue to the mystery comes courtesy of Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, who told Entertainment Weekly that some characters’ stories will definitely be coming to a close in the upcoming films, and should any of them die, don’t expect a comic book style resurrection.

“I mean, I could always list off the characters that we’ve killed in our movies that haven’t come back,” Feige said, “but the big ones, which I know they’re looking at …? [Pause.] I would just say, yes. People need to be careful what they wish for.”

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have hinted at the demise for some heroes as well. Now, all this doesn’t necessarily mean Captain America kicks the bucket in Infinity War, as other longtime Avengers like Iron Man and Thor could just as well meet their ends too. However, between the chatter by filmmakers and Evans current outlook on the character, it seems like a good bet that Steve Rogers doesn’t make it out of the movie or its sequel alive.

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