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Will drivers who pull over to field phone calls be ticketed?

Automated parking tickets might be a problem for drivers pulling over to talk on cellphones — and could be a bigger problem with proposed distracted-driving legislation.

Ald. Joe Connelly asked during question period at yesterday’s city council meeting how the Calgary Parking Authority will deal with people pulling over on the road to answer phone calls.

“A constituent was upset they pulled over in a parking spot, got a ticket and it was his contention he was just answering a cellphone call,” Connelly said.

“I’m just curious if the parking authority is having a look at that.”

Ald. Dale Hodges, who sits on the CPA board, said the group will likely deal with the potential for problems, with drivers being issued tickets for answering calls on the side of the road, when the legislation is more clearly defined.

“Right now we don’t know exactly what the legislation is, so we will have to wait and take a look when we know more,” he said.

CPA spokesperson Shelley Trigg said “if the provincial legislation went into effect, paid parking would still be regulated in downtown Calgary under current rules.”

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