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Will Ferrell: ‘I did not give my best effort, I’m not going to lie.’

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Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart have made names for themselves for being hilarious on film and TV screens, but can they be funny on paper? We sat down to chat with the “Get Hard” stars to find out. You be the judge.

[Reporter sits down, places digital recorder on table]
WILL FERRELL: Uh oh. Is everyone cool with this? It’s a Sony product …
KEVIN HART: Will, that’s not … you didn’t have to go there.

Kevin, when are we going to get a movie where somebody’s helping you out with something?
HART: That’s tough, man. I like to be in charge. You know, me and Denzel have this thing about being charge. I’m talking about doing “Equalizer,” the next one. “Equalizer: Part 2.”
FERRELL: I love it.
HART: “Re-equalized” is what they call it. It’s called “Equal Plus Equal.”
FERRELL: You’re not going to get any argument from me.
HART: No, you know what? I’ve started out in a place with characters where it was constantly reacting, reacting, reacting, and now it’s in a place where the characters are a little bit more grounded and relatable. If this pattern continues to go, of course I think you’ll see it flop. But in this particular film I’m playing two characters in the movie, so I love that I’m giving audiences the best of both worlds. As is Will.

He’s all right, I guess.
HART: Well, in this movie I think he could’ve been better, but at this point you take what you can.
FERRELL: I did not give my best effort, I’m not going to lie.
HART: Every day, Will showed up and was like, “I don’t know about you, but I’m here for the check.” That’s what he would say, every day, and I was like, “What the f— was that?”

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FARRELL: I kept checking to make sure I was going to make the Pelicans game. Because we shot in New Orleans. But we were never butting heads in terms of comedy style or whatever.
HART: Well, there was the one time when you were like, “I’m going to my f—ing trailer. Kevin’s up seven to nothing.” He kept score.
FERRELL: I count the lines. I’ll go through a script and I’ll count the lines. I told Kevin first thing, “Hey, we’re going to have a great time, but I have counted the lines and I have 30 more lines than you, and I feel good about that.” I don’t feel like that’s too many more lines.

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So how did he get ahead in the count?
FERRELL: I just noticed. One day he was just coming up with all this great stuff, and I was down seven. So I just ended that. We wrapped at 11:30 a.m. that day.

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