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Will Karen Allen star in ‘Indiana Jones 5’? Here’s what she told us

Karen Allen talks Indiana Jones 5
[Image: Lucasfilm]

Karen Allen is hopeful she will once again play Marion Ravenwood in the upcoming Indiana Jones 5, although she is keen to insist that she hasn’t been approached by Steven Spielberg yet. 

“You know I am on tenterhooks waiting to hear,” explains Allen, who is currently celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Scrooged’s” released. “I know they are still working on the script. No-one has really told me whether Marion is returning for the story or not. But I am very hopeful that she will be.”

“I don’t know in what way we will move forward or what the timing is going to be. I don’t know anything really. No-one does. Except a very small handful of people that are very mysterious about it all. It is kept very close to the chest. I imagine I will know in about a year. I know nothing right now.”

Allen’s Marion debuted in the first installment to the “Indiana Jones” franchise, 1981’s “Raiders Of The Lost Ark,” before reappearing in 2008’s “Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull,” at the end of which he married Harrison Ford’s iconic archeologist. 

So the mere thought of her not being in the long touted “Indiana Jones 5,” which is due out on July 9, 2021, is hard to bare. 

“That’s good to hear. I would love to do another one. I would love to work with Steven and Harrison and George and I have a very strong feeling that they are working really hard to create a script and a version of what might be the last chapter of this particular incarnation of Indiana Jones.”

“They are working very hard to make it great. I would be heartbroken if I was not a part of it. You never know. It could begin with him stood over my gravestone weeping. I hope not.”

In the meantime, tis the season to revel in Karen Allen’s turn opposite Bill Murray in the irreverent Christmas classic “Scrooged.”

And if you’re in New York Allen and Carol Kane are hosting and participating in a screening of “Scrooged” at the Metrograph, which is hosted by The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and will take place on Saturday December 15 at 5pm. 

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