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Will masturbation and a cookie cost OJ Simpson his parole?

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson will forever be haunted by the ghost of two murders for which he was acquitted. Some say the Ron Goldman-family civil suit win corrupted the jury’s decision to send him away for the botched 2007 Las Vegas robbery, but OJ Simpson parole chances seem good

But with freedom within his grasp, will his grasp on other things do him dirty?

The Daily Mail reported that the former NFL star had his hands on the ol’pigskin in his cell — a Lovelock no-no — but TMZ debunked the story with a statement from the prison.

“It is against Nevada Dept. of Corrections policy to release inmate disciplinary history to the public. It is also against policy to release inaccurate information. No official from our department would have released the information in question.”

So, no “beating” or “choke hold” violations for the alleged in-cell masturbation, but Simpson did get written up for eating a cookie.

OJ Simpson parole chances — and a cookie

As the story goes, shortly after arriving at Lovelock, an inmate who worked in food prep stole cookies and shared them with the guys in his unit. Most of the inmates ate the contraband clandestinely, while Simpson chowed down in plain view of a corrections officer.

“Being the loud O.J. he is, the guard in the bubble saw him eating a cookie,’’ Jeffrey Felix, a former correctional officer at Lovelock, told USA Today Sports. “And of course, she said, ‘Where’d you get the cookie from?’ Well, O.J. doesn’t lie. He got it from a guy, a culinary worker.

“Well, she wrote him up for having contraband. Over a cookie. That’s pretty crazy. So, when I came back the next day for work, O.J. came to me and told me what happened. He said, ‘I can’t have a write up because I won’t get my parole.’”

Felix said he had a chat with the guard, told her that she will forever be known as the “Cookie Monster” and her reputation would take a hit. She didn’t budge.

That’s one tough cookie.

Watch the O.J. Simpson parole hearing live on Thursday here.

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