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Will Sam Bradford sit out the Eagles preseason opener vs the Colts?

Will Sam Bradford sit out the Eagles preseason opener vs the Colts?
Charles Mostoller

It’s getting closer and closer to Sunday, and Sam Bradford looks healthy in Eagles training camp.

He’s gunning the ball in pads to tightly covered receiversand hitting them in stride. But will he play in the Eagles-Colts game to open the preseason?

Chip Kelly was noncommittal. And though he certainly respect’s his coaches decision, it is clearBradford is itching to see some real game action.

“It’s completely up to coach, it’s his decision,” Bradford said after practice Tuesday.”I need to get back on the field and get those reps. It’s been a long time since I have taken live team reps. Whether that happens in the first, second, third or fourth game that’s up to coach.”

In Tuesday’s session at the NovaCare complex the Eagles practiced two minute-drills, and with their backs to the end zone among other situational scenarios. And Bradford split time between the first and second teams (as did many other players).

Playing with a lot of different teammates is a good way for Bradford, a hopeful team leader and starter for the Eagles, to build team chemistry. But he contends that playing Sunday is an even better way to introduce himself to the fans and players.

“You always want to make a good first impression, not only on our fans but also to my teammates,” Bradford said.”None of these guys have seen me in a real game so making a good first impression to those guys is important.

Bradford continued on his teammates: “I think we have progressed quite nicely over the first week. It’s something we will continue to build.

As for the knee, Bradford says it is getting stronger and is at a point where he no longer worries.

“Being out here for seven, eight days,” he said, “initially I was a little — not worried — butkind of thought about the knee those first couple steps. I don’t think about the knee now.”

Not long ago with the Rams, Bradford was asked to sit out the preseason opener too. It’s a feeling that isn’t great, and one he hopes to avoid by lining up with the 1’s Sunday against the Colts.

“I think it would just make me more anxious for the second game,” Bradford said, entertaining the notion that he might have to sit out. “To have to wait another week to play the build up intensifies.”