Will Sixers Jimmy Butler make Markelle Fultz cry? Real odds

Will Sixers Jimmy Butler make Markelle Fultz cry

Prop bets have always been popular around Super Bowl and election time, but now they’re popular on the daily. As the legal sports betting industry grows, the more we’ll see terrific and hilarious prop bets like this: “Which Sixers teammate will Jimmy Butler make cry this season?”

Bookmaker.eu rolled this question out ahead of Butler’s NBA debut, which will happen Wednesday night against the Magic in Orlando.

Here are the odds.

Markelle Fultz +2000

TJ McConnell +3000

Ben Simmons +8000

Joel Embiid +1000

Field (any other Sixers teammate) +4000

No one cries -10000

No doubt, “No one cries” might be the greatest line in the history of lines. It’s also the line you should take if you’re crazy enough to actually bet on this.

We have seen this before in the NBA as the fiery Kevin Garnett made his Celtics teammate Glen “Big Baby” Davis cry on the bench in front of cameras nearly a decade ago.


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