Will there be a ‘Dark Tourist’ season 2? Here’s what David Farrier toldus

David Farrier in Dark Tourist

David Farrier has confirmed his hopes for a second season of Dark Tourist, the first episodes of which premiered on Netflix back in July.

Around the time of its release I had the chance to talk to the  host, who also wrote and executive produced the series, too.

During our conversation I asked Farrier if there were any plans to take the show into a second season, and while he insisted that the answer is up to Netflix, he did tease that there are many more places for him to visit.

“I guess it is all down to the Netflix algorithm and how the show is received,” Farrier responded. “I would love to go to more places.”

“In researching all of this season we have a full Google doc of places to go and stories to tell. We only had a certain number of episodes and we filled them all up. So there is certainly more to tell and more to do. So we’ll see how this season does and take it from there.”

David Farrier has already taken in numerous locations while shooting “The Dark Tourist,” as he visited Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Kazakhstan, England, Cyprus, Cambodia, Myanmar, South Africa, Benin, and the United States, which he actually visited twice, for the show.

It is hardly a surprise that Farrier is so eager to do a second season of The Dark Tourist, as he previously told me, “I’ve always on my own holidays gravitated away from normal destinations, and I have always liked to go somewhere a bit different.”

There are a number of places that Farrier could frequent in a second season, including the likes of the Catacombs Of Paris and Auschwitz. While death and funeral rites in Bali have already become a tourist trap, as some people allegedly selling tickets and arrange tours as soon as they learn that an individual is on their deathbed.

We’ll just have to wait and see whether Netflix gives Farrier the chance to visit some of these locations in the future.

“Dark Tourist” is now on Netflix. 

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