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Will there be a Loudermilk season 3? Here’s what Brian Regan says

Loudermilk season 3

Brian Regan has been dipping his toes into the world of acting recently with the new AT&T Audience Network series Loudermilk. But what does the future have in store for the comic on the small screen? Will there be a Loudermilk season 3? Here’s what Regan has to say about his new gig and more.

Will there be a Loudermilk season 3? Brian Regan weighs in

Loudermilk season 3 Brian Regan

During a backstage chat ahead of his set at the Comics Come Home charity event in Boston earlier this month, Regan admitted to Metro that he has no idea if the a Loudermilk season 3 is in the cards. According to the comedian, the series needs to pick up its following a bit before anyone can think about a potential third season.

“Loudermilk is a show that my friends and family don’t know about,” Regan joked. “Tell my friends and family about it and then tell them to tell their friends. We need to get viewership up.”

“It’s on an obscure channel,” he added. “It’s on the Audience Network on DirecTV. You have to have DirecTV, so it’s hard for people to see it. But the people who do see it love it.”

If you haven’t seen Loudermilk yet, the series follows Ron Livingston‘s Sam, a former music critic whose life gets turned upside down due to his addiction to alcohol. He tries to turn things around by joining a rehab group, although Livingston’s character is having trouble making it stick following a relapse.

Regan plays a character named Mugsy in the dark comedy, a gig that’s pretty different from his stand-up performances. While he’s not sure if a Loudermilk season 3 will happen, Regan has been happy to be apart of the series so far and has thoroughly enjoyed trying his hand at acting.

“I love it, because it’s a different way to be funny,” Regan said. “It’s also serious. It’s about substance abuse, so there’s serious stuff involved.”

“I like being part of a small piece of a larger pie,” he added. “When you’re doing stand-up, you’re usually ‘the guy’ on a given night. I like just contributing my little piece on this Loudermilk thing.”

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