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Will there be a ‘Robin Hood 2’? Here’s what Taron Egerton and its director told us

Taron Egerton and Otto Bathurst talk Robin Hood 2

Otto Bathurst has opened up a potential sequel to Robin Hood, admitting that discussions have already been had about what the follow-up would entail.

“This film is an origin story. It is really the birth of Robin Hood. We see him become Robin Hood. He doesn’t step into Robin Hood’s boots until the last 15 or 20 minutes of the movie,” Bathurst explained. 

“Of course there is more story to be told. Of course we discussed there being more. Of course everyone would love there to be more. Filmmaking is a business. If you can churn out more of the same and make a ton of money, no-one is going to say no to that.”

“There’s nobody at Lionsgate and anyone who is involved in the film who wouldn’t want to make another one if it is a hit. It depends entirely on whether people have an appetite for this and like what we have done and the version of the story we are telling.”

Bathurst was even willing to go into detail about the story that’s been discussed for a potential “Robin Hood” sequel.

“We are really interested in what happens to the Sheriff, and watching a politician become corrupted. He has just got power, so we would want to see what he would do with that power.”

“This obviously resonates very much in the world today. There are politicians coming from nowhere grabbing power.”

“Watching what he does, what goes on behind the scenes, seeing the jealousy torment him over the relationship between Robin and Marion.”

“Plus, there’s Robin and Marian’s relationship itself. Can Robin step up to what Marion expects him to be? Tuck is so fascinating, too. He has a deep faith and love of God but hates the company he works for. There’s a lot more that we can bring to it.”

“We certainly won’t be watching Robin galloping around Sherwood Forest and stealing from the rich people and giving to the poor. Those films have been made. Our ideas are always left field of what has been served up before.”

But is Bathurst actually interested in returning to direct “Robin Hood 2”?

“For sure. Of course it depends on where that journey goes. I think it is a really cool and important story. This one was a tough film to make because we were trying to squeeze a lot into the can.”

“There’s a love story in there, a buddy movie in there, there’s all kinds of stuff, and thematic stuff about religion and corruption. It depends on what that balance in a sequel might be.”

While Bathurst is clearly interested in returning to Sherwood Forest, Taron Egerton is yet to actually sign up for “Robin Hood 2,” as he didn’t want to be attached to another franchise alongside “Kingsman.”

“I said I wouldn’t do that. They gave me options. So they didn’t make me sign up for sequels. Which was a dream scenario for me.”

“‘Kingsman’ has been a great thing in my life. But it is an odd feeling being contractually obliged to do something. It is an odd feeling of being slightly owned. I felt like I didn’t want to renew that.” 

“So as much as I wanted to do the movie, I didn’t want to be in a position where I had to do a second one if I didn’t want to. And the studio very kindly wanted to go with me anyway.”

“Robin Hood” is now in theaters.

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