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Will there be a second season of ‘Deep State’? Joe Dempsie tell us where the spy thriller could go

Joe Dempsie in Deep State

As the first television series from Fox Networks Group Of Europe and Africa, Deep State was always going to be given a huge push by the network. 

Clearly Fox were rather pleased with what they saw from the spy thriller, which revolves around former MI6 Field Agent Max Easton (Mark Strong) returning to action to try and save his estranged son Harry (Joe Dempsie), who has been kidnapped. 

That’s because the second season of “Deep State” was greenlit before the first episode had even aired in the United Kingdom. 

Last month, I had the chance to talk “Deep State” with Dempsie, during which time I quizzed him about the already announced new season of the show, and we discussed the various different ways it could go. 

“It is interesting. It wasn’t discussed with me when I first signed on to do season 1. But you would imagine that most producers are hoping for it to be popular and successful enough so that it could then continue.”

“As the production process continued talk of a season 2 did start seemingly very early. We were greenlit for season 2 before the first episode actually premiered here in the UK.”

“I think that it is really ripe for it. At first I thought it was depending on which cast members would be coming back for the next season. But they could do any number things with the concept.”

“You can either refresh it completely for the following season, and get a new star in every season. A bit like ‘Fargo’ does. Or I think outside of that, if you are gonna keep the same cast. I think the idea would probably be to decide on what the arena is going to be.”

“We had the Middle East in season 1. So you can explore what other parts of the world of espionage the characters can be in.”

“We unfortunately live in a time when it is a bit of a hot topic. These things are part of our daily lives now. We are aware of, whether you want to call it counter-terrorism or espionage, it is sort of embedded in our culture.”

“So I guess there is lots of room for exploring other stories within that.”

While we wait for “Deep State’s” creators Simon Maxwell and Matthew Parkhill to figure out exactly what to do with the future of the show, you should make sure to watch its latest episodes, which air on Sundays at 9pm EST on EPIX. 

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