Will there be a ‘Smallfoot 2′? Here’s what Channing Tatum, Common and its writers told us – Metro US

Will there be a ‘Smallfoot 2′? Here’s what Channing Tatum, Common and its writers told us

Will there be a Smallfoot 2?

Smallfoot writers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa have opened up about their hopes for a sequel to the animated film, admitting that they “could make a whole other movie just on that shtick that we came up with.”

Those were Requa’s exact words to me when I recently spoke to the pair about “Smallfoot,” with Ficarra quickly adding, “We have talked about all of that.” 

Requa even admitted that one of the proposed story ideas for the original film would make for a perfect follow-up. “There was a version where they all went down and became great basketball players. Maybe that is the sequel. Who knows?”

“Hopefully we are lucky enough to be in that position,” added Ficarra. “But you have to wait for the world to digest it to a certain extent.”

“Then you will kind of know where the sequel needs to be. Hopefully they will respond, we’ll see. We have a myriad of ideas. Just in the discarded notions that we have entertained over the last 6 years.”

Channing Tatum was much more pragmatic when it came to the chances of a follow-up, though.

“That is a little bit out of our hands. That is what happens if the studio finds the movie lucrative.”

“If people go to the movie and they like the movie and they want to go again, that’s not really up to us.”

“I think we all enjoyed the process of making the first one. I think we would all enjoy the second one. But let’s see how it goes.”

“It could be just a one off, too. But I know that is the movie is a success there will be 25 writers be being called in the day after. If they’re not already thinking about it.”

Meanwhile, Common wanted to just focus on how much fun it was to make “Smallfoot,” although he did leave the door open for a follow-up.

“We ultimately came in just for this project and wanted to make this as great as possible and enjoy it.”

“I think if you put your heart and soul into stuff that you create then all of the other results are going to be what they are going to be.”

“I would be grateful and willing to do a second one. But we just have to see if that is going to happen.”

“Smallfoot” is now in cinemas.