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Will there be a ‘Venom 2’? Here’s what its director told us

Ruben Fleischer talks Venom 2

Warning: There are SPOILERS ahead for the end of Venom. So please only read ahead if you have seen Tom Hardy’s origin story as Eddie Brock.

When it comes to superhero films, you can’t make one without at least teasing and leaving the door open for many, many more. 

That’s exactly what “Venom” does. Not only does the alien symbiote decide not to eat Eddie Brock’s liver, or any other part of his body, but he even insists that they will co-exist in relative harmony.

Then, in the now customary mid-credits sequence, we see Eddie Brock return to work as a journalist as he heads to a maximum security prison for the interview of a life-time. 

After a patient build-up, it is finally revealed that Brock has been invited to speak to serial killer Cletus Kasady, who himself has merged with a symbiote known as Carnage.

During my recent discussion with Ruben Fleischer I asked the “Venom” director about the future of the franchise, laying the groundwork for more movies, and whether there will be a “Venom 2.” 

“We tried to lay the groundwork at the conclusion of the film for the opportunity for future movies. But I’ve only been focused on making this the best film that I can possibly do.”

“I guess audiences will let us know if they want to see another installment of ‘Venom.’ Hopefully other people will turn up to the film and we can look forward to more.”

Clearly Sony and Fleischer have huge plans for “Venom” and there’s plenty for the character left to do. 

Fleischer also told me that he hopes Eddie Brock and Venom will one day crossover with Peter Parker and Spider-Man, while the casting of Woody Harrelson as Carnage, and his minute appearance at the end of “Venom,” means that Sony and Fleischer obviously want the former “Cheers” actor to play a bigger part in the franchise going forward, too. 

You can give “Venom” and its potential follow-ups your support by going to see the blockbuster now, as the comic-book adaptation is finally in cinemas.