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Will there be an ‘Incredibles 3’? Here’s Brad Bird’s hilarious response

Brad Bird talks Incredibles 3

The success of Incredibles 2 at the box office over its opening weekend underlined just how popular the Parr family are, even though there was a 14-year gap between it and its predecessor. 

Its $183.2 million haul, which smashed the opening weekend domestic record for an animated film, has immediately led to hopes that a third “Incredibles” film will eventually follow.

I recently had the chance to sit down and talk to Brad Bird, the writer and director of both “Incredibles” films, during which time I asked whether or not “Incredibles 3” is in the pipeline. 

But rather than confirming all of our hopes and dreams and insisting that a third “Incredibles” film was on the horizon, Bird instead responded in an understandably guarded, but also hilarious, manner. 

“The last thing you want to do when someone has just delivered a baby is talk about the next baby. So I’ll just leave it at that.”

Although Bird is being rather coy about “Incredibles 3,” his other comments to me during our interview suggest that he already has more than enough material at hand to at least get a head start on the follow-up. 

That’s because, after admitting that he couldn’t stop writing “Incredibles 2” and the script “kept morphing” to such an extent that he had to “kill an enormous number of darlings,” Bird also revealed, “I probably have another 2 and a half other ‘Incredibles’ movies in terms of scenes that are just on the floor.”

Whether they will make a coherent story still remains to be seen. 

But since Brad Bird is such an incredible cinematic talent, who has managed to excel both in live-action and animation, I was still intrigued to know what he is planning to direct next. Bird was more than willing to tease his potential new film, but stopped short of providing any concrete details. 

“My next film that I want to do, that doesn’t mean that it will get backed, is a live action film that has some animation in it. We’ll just see what happens.”

In the meantime, make sure to check out the remarkable “Incredibles 2,” which is now in cinemas everywhere. 

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