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Will there by a gay president one day? Here’s what the polls say


Could there one day be a gay or lesbian president in the White House?

A new poll has found that the ever fickle people of America are probably totally chill it.

Here’s how we imagine the polling went down:

Pollster: “Hey Americans, are you cool with a gay or lesbian president?”

Americans: “Yas.”
Results of the survey found that about 61% of Americans are either “enthusiastic” or “comfortable” with a gay or lesbian president.
How do Americans feel about having an evangelical Christian in office? A far lower 52% said they’d be cool with that.
What about a leader from the Tea Party? Only 33% of those polled were into that idea.
The survey, a joint effort of the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, polled about 1000 people in late April.
The polls’ questions ranged from whether or not they approved of President Obama’s performance thus far, and what kind of decision on gay marriage they would like to see from the Supreme Court.
About 58% of those polled said they’d be down for SCOTUS to a-Okay gay marriage.

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